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(5color)Japanese Faux Leather Synthetic Pleather (Japanese Made) 1mm 53 inch wide x 17 inch long very Soft and smooth feeling vinyl Upholstery (HQ-SF) (wine-red)

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(5color)Japanese Faux Leather Synthetic Pleather (Japanese Made) 1mm 53 inch wide x 17 inch long very Soft and smooth feeling vinyl Upholstery (HQ-SF) (wine-red) Description

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(5color)Japanese Faux Leather Synthetic Pleather (Japanese Made) 1mm 53 inch wide x 17 inch long very Soft and smooth feeling vinyl Upholstery (HQ-SF) (wine-red) Fabricville stocks the largest inventory of fashion fabrics, fleece and flannelettes in the country, as well as an extensive selection of drapery and upholstery fabrics. And I was really surprised at the modern home decor fabrics that they have available. When it comes to shopping for high-quality fabric online, Mood Fabrics is a go-to. You can find new fabrics by the yard and vintage fabrics search for specifics, or browse individual shops like fabricnmorestore. Been looking in boot sales and church fairs ,but people know its worth quite a bit of money and they charge for it. PLEASE NOTE These companies only sell to other businesses, not to individuals. A couple times a year they have a warehouse sale. I want to know from where or which website I can buy quilting fabric from. 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